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Senior High School Media Tracks Leading to Media Arts Degree and Certificate Programs #FreeStudentArticles

Senior High School Media Tracks Leading to Media Arts Degree and Certificate Programs #FreeStudentArticles

Individuals interested in digital animation, digital photography, video, film and computer graphics should consider pursuing educational programs in media arts. Certificates, associate's degree, and bachelor's degrees are available in this field.

Media arts programs offered at the two-year associate's degree and certificate levels typically train students for entry-level careers. However, four-year bachelor's degree programs provide in-depth study of the interaction of various media and can prepare students to pursue more advanced positions in the field. Programs usually combine classroom discussion with hands-on training in software and other tools used in media arts professions. To get into these programs you need a high school diploma or GED. Continuing education is encouraged in this field, as upgrades and advances in technologies remain constant.

Certificate in Media Arts

Certificate programs in this field of study often focus on digital media and usually vary in length, with some lasting as little as eight weeks. While enrolled, students primarily practice working with software and tools used in the industry. They may also learn about different design methods and principles, and how to select an appropriate digital platform to meet a project goal. Different course topics students can encounter include:

Digital graphics
Web design
Digital photography
Digital communication

Associate's Degree in Media Arts

Similar to certificate programs, this degree program tends to focus on the technical skills required for entry-level employment in the field. Most programs provide practical training with industry-standard software and computer applications. These programs may also provide a solid foundation for students intending to advance to a bachelor's degree program in the media arts or a related field. Course topics generally include:

Digital media fundamentals
Design theory
Digital imaging
Graphic design
Web design software

Bachelor's Degree in Media Arts

Students study how different technologies are being blended together in modern media, including the application of digital media in the fine arts and the use of various multimedia technologies in film. Interactive media, such as applications for mobile phones and websites, is also examined. In addition to general education courses, media arts students take classes such as:

Digital arts
Visual communications

Continuing Education Information

Those working in the media arts may find that continuing education courses are useful for keeping up with rapidly changing trends and technologies used in the field. Sometimes, agencies host such courses in order to upgrade and update their employees' skills. Media artists interested in specializing their skills may consider pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in an area such as film production or graphic design.

Popular Career Options

Digital media arts certificate programs and associate's degrees provide the skills necessary to pursue entry-level employment in areas such as digital imaging, graphics, multimedia and Web design. Some career options include:

Graphic designer
Web designer
Digital photographer
Multimedia designer

Since bachelor's degree programs in media arts explore a wider variety of media topics, the career possibilities for graduates are diverse. In addition to the previously mentioned careers, some options for bachelor's degree holders include:

Game designer
Video producer

Employment Outlook and Salary Information

Media arts graduates may find employment with graphic or multimedia design agencies, advertising agencies and marketing firms. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS,, multimedia artists and animators earned a median annual salary of $63,970 in 2015. The BLS projected that employment for these workers is anticipated to grow by 6% between 2014 and 2024.

If you are interested in media arts, there are a variety of programs at the certificate, associate, and bachelor's level to choose from. Graduates of these programs are trained in the technical skills they will need for related careers through hands-on and in class training.


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I would LOVE to join this program. You will learned a lot and applied it to your blogs and maybe a successful job.

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I would encourage those young people who are still molding to college to think twice and to ensure that what they take will be the one thing they love the most. This is one of a great investment as I say to take and you'll know soon enough modern technologies evolves around this courses.

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Thank you for sharing this article. It is a great resource for the young ones still unsure of what career to pursue in college.

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This is good-to-know information for those who are intent on pursuing a career in media arts.

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This is great and timely. In this era, the only way to keep up with the fast changing society is to join the bandwagon and learn it.

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It's nice to know that senior high has so many things to offer. This will surely give opportunities to those who can't afford to go to college. At least, after they finish high school, there are opportunities waiting for them should they paused for college for the meantime.

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