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Senior High School Media Tracks Leading to Media Arts Degree and Certificate Programs #FreeStudentArticles

Senior High School Media Tracks Leading to Media Arts Degree and Certificate Programs #FreeStudentArticles

Individuals interested in digital animation, digital photography, video, film and computer graphics should consider pursuing educational programs in media arts. Certificates, associate's degree, and bachelor's degrees are available in this field.

Media arts programs offered at the two-year associate's degree and certificate levels typically train students for entry-level careers. However, four-year bachelor's degree programs provide in-depth study of the interaction of various media and can prepare students to pursue more advanced positions in the field. Programs usually combine classroom discussion with hands-on training in software and other tools used in media arts professions. To get into these programs you need a high school diploma or GED. Continuing education is encouraged in this field, as upgrades and advances in technologies remain constant.

Certificate in Media Arts

Certificate programs in this field of study often focus on digital media and usually vary in length, with some lasting as little as eight weeks. While enrolled, students primarily practice working with software and tools used in the industry. They may also learn about different design methods and principles, and how to select an appropriate digital platform to meet a project goal. Different course topics students can encounter include:

Digital graphics
Web design
Digital photography
Digital communication

Associate's Degree in Media Arts

Similar to certificate programs, this degree program tends to focus on the technical skills required for entry-level employment in the field. Most programs provide practical training with industry-standard software and computer applications. These programs may also provide a solid foundation for students intending to advance to a bachelor's degree program in the media arts or a related field. Course topics generally include:

Digital media fundamentals
Design theory
Digital imaging
Graphic design
Web design software

Bachelor's Degree in Media Arts

Students study how different technologies are being blended together in modern media, including the application of digital media in the fine arts and the use of various multimedia technologies in film. Interactive media, such as applications for mobile phones and websites, is also examined. In addition to general education courses, media arts students take classes such as:

Digital arts
Visual communications

Continuing Education Information

Those working in the media arts may find that continuing education courses are useful for keeping up with rapidly changing trends and technologies used in the field. Sometimes, agencies host such courses in order to upgrade and update their employees' skills. Media artists interested in specializing their skills may consider pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in an area such as film production or graphic design.

Popular Career Options

Digital media arts certificate programs and associate's degrees provide the skills necessary to pursue entry-level employment in areas such as digital imaging, graphics, multimedia and Web design. Some career options include:

Graphic designer
Web designer
Digital photographer
Multimedia designer

Since bachelor's degree programs in media arts explore a wider variety of media topics, the career possibilities for graduates are diverse. In addition to the previously mentioned careers, some options for bachelor's degree holders include:

Game designer
Video producer

Employment Outlook and Salary Information

Media arts graduates may find employment with graphic or multimedia design agencies, advertising agencies and marketing firms. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS,, multimedia artists and animators earned a median annual salary of $63,970 in 2015. The BLS projected that employment for these workers is anticipated to grow by 6% between 2014 and 2024.

If you are interested in media arts, there are a variety of programs at the certificate, associate, and bachelor's level to choose from. Graduates of these programs are trained in the technical skills they will need for related careers through hands-on and in class training.

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Revised Guidelines Governing Parents-Teachers Associations (PTAs) at the School Level #FreeStudentArticles

From Department of Education - Philippines

Revised Guidelines Governing Parents-Teachers Associations (PTAs) at the School Level #FreeStudentArticles

To: Undersecretaries
Assistant Secretaries
Bureau Directors
Directors of Services/Centers and Heads of Units
Regional Directors
Schools Division/City Superintendents
Public Schools District Supervisors
Heads, Public Elementary and Secondary Schools

General Policy

Every elementary and secondary school shall organize a Parents-Teachers Association (PTA) for the purpose of providing a forum for the discussion of issues and their solutions related to the total school program and to ensure the full cooperation of parents in the efficient implementation of such program.
Every PTA shall provide mechanisms to ensure proper coordination with the members of the community, provide an avenue for discussing relevant concerns and provide assistance and support to the school for the promotion of their common interest. Standing committees may be created within the PTA organization to coordinate with community members. Regular fora may be conducted with local government units, civic organizations and other stakeholders to foster unity and cooperation.

As an organization operating in the school, the PTA shall adhere to all existing policies and implementing guidelines issued or hereinafter may be issued by the Department of Education.

The PTA shall serve as support group and as a significant partner of the school whose relationship shall be defined by cooperative and open dialogue to promote the welfare of the students.

Organization of PTAs at the School Level

Membership in a PTA is limited to parents, or in their absence the guardian, of duly enrolled students, and teachers in a given school.

For this purpose, a guardian is hereby defined as any of the following: a) an individual authorized by the biological parent/s to whom the care and custody of the student has been entrusted; b) a relative of the student within the fourth degree of consanguinity or affinity provided that said relative has the care and custody over the child; c) an individual appointed by a competent court as the legal guardian of the student; or d) in case of an orphan, the individual/institution who has the care and custody of the student.

A teacher-member refers to homeroom advisers, subject teachers, and non-teaching personnel.

Within fifteen (15) days from the start of the school year the Homeroom Adviser and the Parents/Guardians shall organize the Homeroom PTA with the approval of the School Head.

The elected presidents of the Homeroom PTAs and their respective Homeroom Advisers shall elect the Board of Directors within thirty (30) days from the start of the school year. The Board of Directors shall immediately elect from among themselves the executive officers of the PTA on the same day of their election to the Board.

The official name of the PTA shall bear the name of the school (example: Parents-Teachers Association of Rizal High School or Rizal High School Parents-Teachers Association).

For representation in the Local School Board and other purposes, the schools’ PTAs within a municipality or city or province shall federate and select from among the elected Presidents their respective officers. The president-elect shall sit as representative of the Federation to the said Local School Board.

General Assembly

The General Assembly shall be composed of all parents of enrolled students of the school, Board of Directors and Officers of the PTA, School Head, Homeroom Advisers, Subject-Teachers, and Non-Teaching Personnel.

The General Assembly shall be convened by the PTA Board of Directors immediately after the PTA has been organized. The General Assembly shall be convened as may be necessary but in no case less than twice a year. The Board shall coordinate with the School Head as to time, venue and other details of the General Assembly.

The General Assembly shall be a venue for presentation and discussion of the PTA’s programs, projects, financial statements, reports and other matters.

The General Assembly may invite or consult with other members of the community such as local government officials and civic organizations to solicit their support or active participation in school activities.

Board of Directors and Officers

The administration of the affairs and management of activities of the PTA is vested with the Board of Directors and its officers in accordance with these guidelines or their respective Constitution and By-Laws, if any, which shall adhere to the following:
The Board of Directors shall be composed of fifteen (15) members who shall elect from among themselves the association’s executive officers; namely: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor, or other equivalent positions, who shall oversee the day-to-day activities of the associations;

Parent-members shall comprise two-thirds (2/3) and teacher-members one-third (1/3) of the Board of Directors;
A teacher-member cannot hold any position in the PTA except as a member of the Board of Directors or as Secretary;

The School Head shall not serve as a member of the Board of Directors but as adviser to the PTA;

The term of office of the Board of Directors and its Officers shall be one (1) year from the date of election. In no case shall a PTA Board Director serve for more than two (2) consecutive terms;

In case of vacancy in the Board of Directors as a result of expulsion, resignation or death, the vacancy shall be filled, for the unexpired term of the office, by a majority vote of the Board of Directors from among the Presidents of Homeroom PTAs in a special meeting called for such purpose.

Among the committees that may be formed to handle specific activities of the PTAs are: a) Committee on Finance; b) Committee on Programs and Projects; c)

Audit Committee; d) Election Committee; e) Grievance Committee; f) Ways and Means Committee; g) Committee on External and Community Affairs;

The heads of the committees shall preferably come from the Board of Directors, Homeroom Presidents and Homeroom Advisers; and
The PTA may or may not be incorporated with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). If incorporated, the registered entity shall, as far as practicable, be used in the organization of the PTA by the elected Board of Directors. In any event, the formal notification by the elected Board of Directors outlined below and the issuance of the Certificate of Recognition by the School Head shall be the operative act to recognize the PTA.

Recognition and Monitoring of PTAs

There shall be only one PTA that will operate in a school which shall be recognized by the School Head upon formal notification in writing by the elected Board of Directors. The recognition shall be valid for one year from the date of election.
Together with the formal notification in writing, the elected Board of Directors shall submit Oaths of Office of the Board of Directors and Officers (Enclosure No. 1) including a list of directors and officers.

A Division PTA Affairs Committee shall be created in the Division Office to be composed of the following:

Chairperson - Schools Division Superintendent
Members - Assistant Schools Division Superintendent Division Administrative Officer
Division Education Supervisor (In-Charge of PTA)
Division PESPA President (Elementary)
or Division NAPSSHI President (Secondary) President of the Division Federation of PTA
President of the Division Federation of SSG

The Division PTA Affairs Committee shall monitor the activities of the PTAs and their compliance with reports and other requirements, arbitrate disputes and settle matters that may be submitted to it for resolution especially on PTA representation issue.

Privileges of Recognized PTAs

A PTA is authorized to collect voluntary contributions from parents/guardian-members once it has been duly recognized and given a Certificate of Recognition by the School Head (Enclosure No. 2). Such collections, however, shall be subject to pertinent issuances of the DepED and/or existing pertinent ordinances of the local government unit concerned, if any.

In addition, a duly recognized PTA shall have the following privileges:

The DepED may allow the PTA to construct a building or structure within the school premises for its office, provided however, that the PTA shall donate such building or structure and other permanent fixtures to the school. Any improvement made on such building, structure or fixture that cannot be removed from such building or structure without causing damage thereto shall be deemed the property of the school. A written agreement shall be executed before the improvement or construction. A Deed of Donation shall also be executed by and between the PTA and the school immediately after the completion of the improvement or construction;

The use of any available space within the school premises as its office or headquarters, provided, that costs pertinent to electricity, water and other utilities shall be for the account of the PTA; provided however, that should the school need such space, the PTA shall so vacate the space immediately. The maintenance and improvement of the office shall be in accordance with the School Improvement Plan;

Representation in the School Governing Council;

Authorization to undertake fund-raising activities to support the school’s academic and co-curricular programs, projects and activities subject to pertinent DepED guidelines;

Participation in the school’s inspection and acceptance committee and as an observer in the school’s procurement activities subject to the provisions of R.A. No. 9184; and

Collaboration in relevant school activities.


All PTA activities within the school premises or which involve the school, its personnel or students shall be with prior consultation and approval of the School Head.

Financial Matters

Such collections shall be made by the PTA subject to the following conditions:

If collection of the School Publications Fee, Supreme Student Government (SSG) Developmental Fund and other club membership fees and contributions is coursed through the PTA as requested by the concerned organization, the amount collected shall be remitted immediately to the school, SSG or other student organizations concerned on the day it was collected. The pertinent organization shall deposit the funds with a reputable bank on the next banking day under the organization’s account. No service fee shall be charged against any student organization by the PTA.

Non-compliance or any violation of the aforementioned conditions shall be a ground for the cancellation of the PTA’s recognition and/or the filing of appropriate charges as the case may be.

Policy on Collection of Contributions

Cognizant of the need of an organization for adequate funds to sustain its operations, a duly recognized PTA may collect voluntary financial contributions from members and outside sources to enable it to fund and sustain its operation and the implementation of its programs and projects exclusively for the benefit of the students and the school where it operates. The PTA’s programs and projects shall be in line with the School Improvement Plan (SIP).

The contributions should be a reasonable amount as may be determined by the PTA Board of Directors;

Non-payment of the contributions by the parent-member shall not be a basis for non-admission or non-issuance of clearance(s) to the child by the school concerned;

The contributions shall be collected by the PTA Treasurer on a per parent-member basis regardless of the number of their children in school;

No collection of PTA contributions shall be done during the enrollment period; and

No teacher or any school personnel shall be involved in such collection activities.

Safekeeping of Funds

All collections of contributions or proceeds of fundraising activities shall be deposited in a reputable banking institution as determined by the Board of Directors. The PTA’s Treasurer or a duly authorized representative shall undertake the collection and shall issue official receipts/acknowledgement receipts.

In no case shall any school official or personnel be entrusted with the safekeeping and disbursement of collections made by the PTA. All disbursements of funds shall be in accordance with generally accepted accounting and auditing rules and regulations.

All disbursements shall be accompanied by appropriate resolutions indicating thereof the purposes for which such disbursements are made.

No cash advances shall be allowed without valid liquidation of previous cash advances.

Financial Statement Report

The books of accounts and other financial records of the PTA shall be made available for inspection by the School Head and/or the Division PTA Affairs Committee at any time.

An Annual Financial Statement signed jointly by the PTA President, Treasurer and Auditor shall be submitted to the School Head not later than thirty (30) days after the last day of classes. Such financial statement shall be audited by an external and independent auditor, posted in the PTA Bulletin Board, and presented to the General Assembly during the next school year.

The PTA shall also submit to the School Head not later than November 30, a mid-school year financial statement report ending October 30 duly audited and signed by the members of the PTA’s audit committee.

Failure to submit such financial statement report shall be a ground for the cancellation of the recognition of the PTA by the Division PTA Affairs Committee upon the recommendation of the School Head.

Transparency and Accountability
For purposes of transparency and accountability, all documents pertaining to the operations of the PTA shall be open to public examination.

PTA are required to install a PTA Bulletin Board outside of its office where announcements, approved resolutions, required reports and financial statements shall be posted.

Prohibited Activities and Sanctions

PTAs are prohibited from:

Interfering in the academic and administrative management and operations of the school, and of the DepED, in general;
Engaging in any partisan political activity within school premises;

Operating a canteen/school supplies store, or being a concessionaire thereof inside the school or nearby premises, or offering these services to the school as its client either directly or indirectly;

Selling insurance, pre-need plans or similar schemes or programs to students and/or their parents; and

Such other acts or circumstances analogous to the foregoing.

PTA Officers and members of the Board of Directors are prohibited from collecting salaries, honoraria, emoluments or other forms of compensation from any of the funds collected or received by the PTA.

PTAs shall have no right to disburse, or charge any fees as service fees or percentages against the amount collected pertinent to the School Publication Fee, Supreme Student Government (SSG) Developmental Fund and other club membership fees and contributions.

In no case shall a PTA or any of its officers or members of the Board of Directors call upon students and teachers for purposes of investigation or disciplinary action. 

The recognition of any PTA shall be cancelled by the Division PTA Affairs Committee upon the recommendation of the School Head concerned for any violation of the above-mentioned prohibited activities and these Guidelines.

Thereafter, the School Head may call for a special election to replace the Board of Directors of the PTA whose recognition was cancelled. Criminal, civil and/or administrative actions may be taken against any member or officer of the Board of the PTA who may appear responsible for failure to submit the necessary annual financial statements or for failure to account the funds of the PTA.

Transitory Provision

Existing and duly recognized PTCAs and its Federations shall no longer be given recognition effective School Year 2009-2010. They shall cease operation at the end of School Year 2008-2009 and given until June 30, 2009 to dissolve, wind up their activities, submit their financial reports and turn-over all documents to the School Heads and Schools Division Superintendents, respectively.

Repealing Clause

All existing DepED Memoranda, Orders and other administrative issuances of similar nature which are inconsistent with this Order are hereby deemed repealed and superseded accordingly.
Strict implementation of this Order is directed.

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Gear up for School with CD-R King #FreeStudentArticles #cdrkingbacktoschool #cdrkingcares #cdrkingofficial

Gear up for School with CD-R King #FreeStudentArticles #cdrkingbacktoschool #cdrkingcares #cdrkingofficial

Students are thrilled to go back to school especially with new stuff to add to their gear. Our children are so keen in keeping up with the Joneses and having the latest gadget gives them the drive to look forward to the school year 2016-2017
They anticipate to parade on the catwalks of their beloved school sporting the latest trend to match their new uniforms, shoes, bags, notebooks, etc.

Most of all its Parent’s funding season, the pinnacle of all. Allowance so to speak, where kids learn their first haggling in the world of finance.

Every parents dream is to fully provide for their treasured children/students. The necessities required by the academe is more often overwhelming. Thus Cd-R King perceives the need to provide for parents, students, and the school itself a channel where quality yet affordable supplies can be acquired.

Remember when CD-R King disrupted the nation by providing the most affordable blank media? Everyone shifted to the brand and most Filipinos are thankful to have an alternative as oppose to the more expensive ones in the market. Giving Filipinos a practical option has always been CR-R Kings vision.

Widest more affordable options for everyone

CD-R King still carries your beloved blank media for as low as Php5.00.

USB flash drives as low as Php160

They also have the most basic back to school neccessitites such as Ballpens for as low as Php2.00 a piece and Mechanical pencils for as low as Php10.00.

You can also buy Bond papers and other paper needs such as Photo and transfer sheets.
As far as gadget technology are concerned, you can now extend battery life of one gadget to another thru Miro USB to Micro USB mobile charging cable.

Get more data space for your Iphone with PQI i-connect.

Micro SD for android for as low as Php150
Scientific calculators are also very affordable at Php90.00

Schools may also enjoy the affordability CD-R King has to offer

Entry level projector for small classrooms can be acquired for as low as Php3,800

While bigger area projectors can be obtained for as low as Php9,900

Projector boards are offered for as low as Php2,280

Wireless Laser Presenter for as low as Php280.00

All these and more are available from your One-Stop media provider, CD-R King. Visit their more than 400 branches nationwide for any of your office, home and school needs.

You may also visit their website, for more product listings. Like them on Facebook for more promos:

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Immortalizing Values Through Education for Sustainable Development #FreeStudentArticles

Immortalizing Values Through Education for Sustainable Development #FreeStudentArticles

Education is the primary agent of transformation towards sustainable development, increasing people\'s capacities to transform their visions for society into reality. Education not only provides scientific and technical skills, it also provides the motivation, and social support for pursuing and applying them. For this reason, society must be deeply concerned that much of current education falls far short of what is required. When we say this, it reflects the very necessities across the cultures that allow everyone become responsible towards quality enhancement.

Improving the quality and revelation of education and reorienting its goals to recognize the importance of sustainable development must be among society\'s highest priorities. It is not that we talk only about environment but also about every component of life.

We therefore need to clarify the concept of education for sustainable development. It was a major challenge for educators during the last decade. The meanings of sustainable development in educational set ups, the appropriate balance of peace, human rights, citizenship, social equity, ecological and development themes in already overloaded curricula, and ways of integrating the humanities, the social sciences and the arts into what had up-to-now been seen and practiced as a branch of science education.

Some argued that educating for sustainable development ran the risk of programming while others wondered whether asking schools to take a lead in the transition to sustainable development was asking too much of teachers.

These debates were compounded by the desire of many, predominantly environmental, NGOs to contribute to educational planning without the requisite understanding of how education systems work, how educational change and innovation takes place, and of relevant curriculum development, professional development and instructive values. Not realizing that effective educational change takes time, others were critical of governments for not acting more quickly.

Consequently, many international, regional and national initiatives have contributed to an expanded and refined understanding of the meaning of education for sustainable development. For example, Education International, the major umbrella group of teachers\' unions and associations in the world, has issued a declaration and action plan to promote sustainable development through education.

A common agenda in all of these is the need for an integrated approach through which all communities, government entities, collaborate in developing a shared understanding of and commitment to policies, strategies and programs of education for sustainable development.

Actively promoting the integration of education into sustainable development at local community

In addition, many individual governments have established committees, panels, advisory councils and curriculum development projects to discuss education for sustainable development, develop policy and appropriate support structures, programs and resources, and fund local initiatives.

Indeed, the roots of education for sustainable development are firmly planted in the environmental education efforts of such groups. Along with global education, development education, peace education, citizenship education, human rights education, and multicultural and anti-racist education that have all been significant, environmental education has been particularly significant. In its brief thirty-year history, contemporary environmental education has steadily striven towards goals and outcomes similar and comparable to those inherent in the concept of sustainability.

A New Vision for Education

These many initiatives illustrate that the international community now strongly believes that we need to foster - through education - the values, behavior and lifestyles required for a sustainable future. Education for sustainable development has come to be seen as a process of learning how to make decisions that consider the long-term future of the economy, ecology and social well-being of all communities. Building the capacity for such futures-oriented thinking is a key task of education.

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Active Advices for Students to Enhance Their Memory Quickly #FreeStudentArticles

Active Advices for Students to Enhance Their Memory Quickly #FreeStudentArticles

A significant number of us have careers that depend on our capacity to recall statistical data points. In case that we were to begin falling in our obligation and bringing on benefit to dropping, we would definitely lose our professions. In the event that you think this can't befall you, you are woefully off base. Look at these extraordinary memory-sparing tips.

It is essential that you have breakfast in the way that you are attempting to enhance your memory. Numerous specialists and health experts have observed that having breakfast powers the psyche after not having consumed for a long time due to rest. Regardless of the fact that it is fruits, make sure to never skip breakfast.

It is less demanding to remember data in the event that you compose the material into related gatherings, before attempting to confer it to memory. Making a layout is an alternate decent approach to composing the material to be concentrated on. This is how your mind composes data and will make a review less difficult.

Further, Incorporate steady study times with your timetable. To manufacture your long haul memory, you have to battle the urge to pack. Packing data will put it in your fleeting memory, and it will effortlessly tumble to the wayside once the data is utilized. To truly confer something to your memory, create a day by day sessions where you think about it with genuine centering. Keep it predictable, and you will soon find the data is with you for the long term.

Next, an incredible approach to enhance your memory is to center your consideration upon the material that you are endeavoring to study and retain. Since the consideration is a significant part of memory, it must be utilized to move data from fleeting memory into long haul memory. To confirm you give your unified thoughtfulness regarding your study material, evacuate concerns, for example, music or videos from your study surroundings.

Moreover, it is critical that you keep an everyday routine on the off chance that you need to enhance your memory. By doing things at distinctive times of the day, you may overlook certain commitments. Attempt to stick with one normal for the weekdays when you are grinding away and one standard for quite a long time when you are home.

Keep arrangements of everything. Keep a shopping rundown at all times. Hang it on your icebox. Each time you consider something you need, add it to the rundown. This will help verify you keep in mind anything. Keep records for different things also, for example, things that need done around your home.

Last but not the least; we trust these advices will help you discover the data on memory that will work for you. They offer numerous proposals to attempt and numerous regimens to take after. They have additionally demonstrated that the methodology of fortifying memory can be both fun and gainful. Holding a decent memory will improve your happiness regarding life.

Source: David J. is an Academic Writer and a Freelance Blogger.

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Benefits of Practicing Mind Math Tricks Regularly #FreeStudentArticles

Benefits of Practicing Mind Math Tricks Regularly #FreeStudentArticles

If you want to enhance your psychological power, you need to practice various mathematical tricks. Get here information about key benefits of practicing mind math tricks.

However, there're some individuals who assume that having good command over mathematics needs special skill or psychological level, but it is not scientifically true. The best way to get command over any subject is the practice. If you want to have thorough expertise over the most complicated subject called mathematics, you need to practice mathematical exercises on regular basis. It is highly recommended that in order to hone observation, analytical and comprehension power, students especially young children need to practice various mind tricks. Have you still not understood? If yes, then you must go through stated below benefits of practicing mind math tricks regularly.

Habitual to Work Hard

Solving math exercises on regular basis can help you cultivating hard labour skill in you. If you do solve mathematical problems daily, you will be habitual resolving difficult or more complex issues with least effort. Hence, the first benefit that you will get out of regular practice is that you will become a hard worker. Needless to say that in order to get success in any field of life or career, you must be ready for hard labour. Being very laborious, you will be able to accomplish any level of task.

Boost Analytical & Observation Power

With regular practice of resolving various complicated mathematics problems, you can easily boost your observation and analytical power. According to psychologists, having a sharp observation power and analytical mind can help you dealing with any sort of problems whether related to personal life or professional life. It is a fact that our analytical mind is the only skill that we have to beat other species on the universe. Therefore, if you want to make your children a successful citizen in future, you need to make them habitual practicing various types of mathematical games and tricks.

Affordable and Easy to Practice

Mathematical games or tricks are more affordable and easier to practice than all other available traditional methods to boost psychological power. If you want to enhance your memory, you just need to work on certain set of mind games or tricks. Remember, there are tons of options available when it comes to mind mathematics games and tricks.

In concise, if you are looking for mind math, you first need to find out a right option. However, there're plenty of alternatives available when it comes to online education institutions, but choosing the right one is definitely the most significant task to accomplish.

Source: Phill Jaques @GoArticles

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Explore The Ways To Get Better Grades #FreeStudentArticles

Explore The Ways To Get Better Grades #FreeStudentArticles

In order to excel in your school studies, the very first step is to realize the difference between studying and learning. Learning is a natural mental activity that makes you to get familiar with certain ideas and theory and their practical usage. It is quite different from the study process which doesn't involve any active mental process rather it requires you to rote memorize things as they are mentioned in the course books.

Rote memorizing is not the right approach to learn things and ideas. If you really want to attain knowledge about a subject, your approach towards learning needs to be holistic. You need to increase your ability to interlink the ideas of various study material and to practice it in your mind so that the ideas, facts and theory may naturally get imprinted on your mind. By doing so, you will not only be able to get better grades at school, but also, you will be able to make better and practical usage of your education.

There are many e-books available that will provide you various techniques to memorize things, lists, theories, and a lot more. Yet, none of such books actually make you familiar with the means of learning. They try to help you in increasing your ability to memorize things without actually understanding them. Such strategies often fail to help you get better grades in school examinations. This is so because when you try to memorize ideas and theory without understanding them and making them your own ideas, you will remain prone to forget them or to commit mistake while copying the things that you stored in your memory. The learning process has nothing to do with memorizing things. In order to attain better grades at school you should try to learn more study less.

How to learn to get better grades

The correct way of learning is to break the study material in into easily understandable and practical partitions. Once you do so, you will be able to visualize the interlinking between the whole study materials. As you will start understanding the initial bits of your course, you will increase your potential to learn further with the help of the familiarity of the ideas of the study material. There is a good e-book that offers some of the best possible learning strategies to teach you how to learn more and study less to gain success.

Source: Lisa Klain

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Building Relationships With A Tutor #FreeStudentArticles

Building Relationships With A Tutor


A tutor is the most important guide and mentor for any student. Besides the school teaching a person when gets a tutor for his or her studies, it becomes a support system for him or her.

It has been observed since last one decade that the education system has been taken as a business organization these days. Thus often parents complain the school is not taking care of the studies of the students. In this scenario the most important support that the parents are trusting for their children's studies is the tutor. Even the students feel comfortable and ease with the tutor.

Now a question may arise that how to get comfortable with the tutor so that the student can have a proper studies and score good in the exams.

Get To Know The Qualification And Credentials Of The Tutor

It is very important to know about the qualifications of the tutor before hiring him or her. If the tutor is not qualified enough then he will be neither able to teach the student properly nor be able to handle the student well. It is seen that with qualifications comes excellence and experience. So, a qualified person will be able to understand the mentality of the student and will be able to handle the student.

Also if the tutor is a qualified person in maths and the student is searching for a tutor in history the obviously this will be a mismatch and the student will be not able to benefit from the teacher.

Their Level Of Computer Literacy

Today the role of computer has been in excess in all fields including the field of education. Various schools are following an educomp system, that is, education via computer system to teach the students. In this case the tutor should also be well qualified in the computer technique so that he can help the student in the various needs when required.

Do They Have Any Constraints?

As mentioned before education has become a profession as well as a business proposition these days. So, even the tutors take the education system as a business itself. There are many tutors who have opened up their private coaching centers where many students study together. There are various others who provide personalized guidance to students on a one to one basis but charge more for the same. So, it is important for the student to understand which situation is best suited for him/her. If the student is able to adjust with many students together then he can be sent to a coaching center. But on the other hand if he is not able to match up with others and needs single attention, a personalized tutor can be arranged for.


Students do learn many things in school but it is often seen that they get diverted attention in school due to the large number of students. So, a tutor can help the student in studying properly, in gaining a better understanding of the chapters taught in the school.

Source: Evelyn Dorothy

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Victim or Culprit: Precisely What Is Your Adolescent Doing With Their Cellphone? #FreeStudentArticles

Victim or Culprit: Precisely What Is Your Adolescent Doing With Their Cellphone?

When asked about certain cyber bullying behavior, many middle-school students admit to engaging in a variety of inappropriate online behaviors. One-third of the sample acknowledge to participating in at least one of the listed activities in the preceding 30 days. Posting something online about another person to make fun of them was the most frequent reply with close to 23% of students acknowledging to such conduct.

What caused my kid to become a cyber-bully? Do you actually accept as the truth TV advertising? Then why in the world do you think your kid is not lying about whether they use their phone when they should be studying, or that they are actually in school, or in the middle of other completely moronic activities like texting while driving or bullying some other kid. Online bullying is an enormous and difficult subject and quite a few families are asking what is best way to stop cyber-bullying.

According to Pew Research Center's Internet and American Life Project, phone use by adolescents is completely farcical. If children watch too much TV are they likely to become violent criminals? Like many thinking researchers suspected, they are connecting childhood TV viewing with long-term violent behavior. I'm beginning to think that is is turning kids into cyber-bullies. Did I permitted them to spend too much time in front of the TV? Not surprisingly video games must have the same adverse affect. I genuinely need to monitor what my children are doing with the laptop and cell phone.

Many of these issues will likely have an effect on the majority of homes in the country. Are you looking to learn how to be a conscientious parent or guardian?Possibly if I share my working experience it might maybe help other people avoid errors.

Monitoring Software will address different factors for families. The FBI Cyber Crimes division report, A Parents Guide to Internet Safety, emphasizes why you should have control. You not only deserve the right to know the specifics about what they do with their computer and/or mobile phone, you might be required to be familiar with what's occurring with both Cell Phones and Computers. As you give some thought to teenager on-line lifestyle, would you give some thought to their cell phones? Phones have evolved from simple conversation devices to mobile, mini computers. Mobile phones possess operating systems just like computers which will allow users to download software. These apps help users do things like gain access to e-mail and play video games. Furthermore, the majority of cell phones let users to transfer content from the web just like a computer. At the same time, mobile phones are usually trickier to control than a computer, and youngsters often use them without adult direction. It is imperative to be sure to review your family online safety policies with your children and know the consequences before allowing them to have cellphones.

The best Smartphone Spy Phone software applications offered from name-brand vendors, like, Mobile Spy, Flexispy, MobiStealth, PhoneSheriff, and WebWatcher, help with a wide range of issues that are very hot topics for Families, Organizations and DIY Investigators.

If youngsters are tangled up in high-risk behavior are fathers and mothers responsible? So, who is answerable when youngsters are associated with unsafe behaviors? Are mothers and fathers to blame? Not many situations are more aggravating than listening to some ignorant parent declare there is nothing could be done to stop their kid from being an online bully, or driving and texting, or just control how or when their teenager uses their mobile phone. Let alone internet safe practices and best practices from educators and law enforcement. Inexcusable.

Source: Robert Main

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Student Travel: Travel About The Affordable #FreeStudentArticles

Student travel: travel about the affordable

Amongst the fantastic reasons for as becoming a Student is getting the versatility to go to. Numerous students make probably almost certainly the most with the college or school breaks to total some Student travel. Although quite a few will try automobile journeys, others will mind by way of the border or travel foreign. Among the fantastic components about Student travel is you'll uncover so many travel possibilities available. You will have the capability to find some sort of journey to match any group of hobbies, and thankfully any budget.

Most college students is going to be obtaining a restricted spending budget, to ensure that they will most likely be searching for inexpensive or low-listed holidays. Which is wherever how old you're and Student standing can arrives in beneficial. If you have students card for the college or school, learn if it makes it possible for you to undoubtedly any sort of advantages. Some Student cards can provide students discount prices on trains and buses, even though some will permit students to obtain certain provides at eating places too as on accommodation. You'll obtain also numerous travel agencies who'll function with college students to set up inexpensive travel offers. Quite a few these focus on Student travel, and provide considerably decreased costs for school college students.

One element about Student travel will be the reality that various students may possess an inclination to check out in their holiday time. This plainly is commonly peak travel a while and it is normally fairly high-listed. If it really is probable to, see no matter whether or not you'll have the ability to schedule your holiday to possess an off-peak time. This could conserve you fairly considerably of money. Failing this, test to reserve your journey far in advance, as tickets will are commonly less expensive. Whatsoever fees remain away of getting final 2nd plane tickets or expenses. These may well be significant listed, and you will find which the investing budget could have reduced considerably.

All students like to visit less high-priced places. While this appears restricting, it can be in fact the option. A variety of in regards to the less pricey regions to check out are basically minimal overrun by vacationers. They are often developing nations that weren't converted into tourist traps. Furthermore, as college students usually be much more quite possibly to visit regarding the low-cost also to research for out fascinating encounters, these may possibly be great spots to examine. Make certain that you simply make probably one of the most from the provided place. Attempt new components that you just wouldn't otherwise get an examine, producing an function to truly experience a completely new area or possibly a totally new town.

Yet another type of travel that college students can take complete advantage of is exchange or critique overseas systems. They're packages wherever college students, often college college students, review and live overseas. These might be an amazing possibility not only for study, but furthermore for viewing the earth and meeting new folks. Seek the advice of with your system agent to determine no matter regardless of whether your institution offers overview overseas or exchange software programs. Various of these packages could also lead for your graduation elements, so that they is normally useful in a lot of approaches. Learning abroad might also be much less pricey than their studies at a residential location institution. It is wise to make in all probability the most of individuals alternatives in spite of the reality that you'll nevertheless can. If you're contemplating Student travel, traveling like a Student could possibly be an remarkable assortment.

Source: Gerard Holden

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Benefits Of Being A CNA #FreeStudentArticles

Craigie Jones. Free CNA Classes. Visit : Article City.

Benefits Of Being A CNA

Working as a CNA is a highly reputed job as it requires up-to-date skills, knowledge, and information about a particular field. Apart from this, if you look to build a long-term career in this field, trust, it offers you excellent opportunities to earn handsome. It is considered as one of the most highly paying and respected job in the healthcare industry. This is the reason why more and more youngsters are preparing to enter in this field. CNA training courses can be done online as well as by attending physical classes. These courses offer you unlimited advantages. Here we discuss some of its benefits.

Benefits of CNA Training

* CNA training course opens doors to new work opportunities. You are certified to work anywhere in health industry. You can apply for senior and more respectful positions in hospitals or other similar organizations.

* Once you attend online or physical CNA classes, you get to know more about technicalities involved in this noble profession. These courses expand the horizon of your understanding and knowledge about different skills and technologies used in this profession. You can specialize in a particular branch in order to have in-depth understanding.

* CNA certification helps you in fulfilling your dreams by fetching you a good job where you can earn handsome. This high-paying job increases your job satisfaction and compels you to do better in your field and achieve the highest designation.

* If you want to explore the depth of your field by getting proper education, undergoing a higher level of CNA training program is a must. By doing this, you get not only theoretical knowledge, but also the practical facts and familiarity.

* Being a certified nursing assistant is a great way to enter the organization of your choice. You can then upgrade your skills and knowledge by pursuing higher level of courses. This helps you in achieving your dream career.

* CNA training programs are more than a nursing degree course as they prepare you for taking good care of patients and, therefore, increase the level of care and service. You grow both professionally as well as personally.

Nursing is a highly respected job. Individuals can look forward to enter into this profession and build a rewarding career by enrolling themselves into CNA training programs of their choice. As demand for certified nurses is continuously increasing, these programs offer you ample opportunities to establish a fulfilling and highly paid career.

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Are Distance Learning Courses Better Than Regular Courses? #FreeStudentArticles

Are Distance Learning Courses Better Than Regular Courses?

If you ever have the opportunity to visit any of the online university for enrolling yourself in the distance learning course, then you must also in addition, get the information about all kinds of courses that are offered there along with also the kind of environment it offers, the people who works and the students who study at these online distance learning universities.

There are many universities that conduct information days and evenings when you are allowed to views of the university premises. Similarly, if you want to make a background check about the university, the best source for you would be to contact the distance learning students.

There are many alumni associations that organize a variety of activities and whose members have once been a part of the distance learning courses in these universities. You can also approach them for gathering information about the distance learning courses. Since they were a part of the university before, they will be able to give you correct information about the university and its background too.

These alumni associations also arrange for the annual free fairs on the distance learning information in almost all cities of the country. There are participants who come from various countries to attend the discussions that take place in these fairs about the present education scenario and also the job prospects in the entire world. Thus it is indeed a great opportunity for you to meet up with such representatives and obtain all the required general information about the distance learning courses.

Another way of finding and choosing the correct distance learning program is to do some research online and go through the various sites of these online distance learning universities.

The distance learning courses are mainly aimed at those working professionals and the students who work in the managerial posts or want to hone their skills in leadership etc. Here are some general criteria that you must be eligible in, in order to get admission in the distance learning course of MBA. You must have a good academic background with great results, you must also have at least 2 years or more of work experience in the domain of your choice, you must bring with you two or more letters of recommendation etc.

The distance learning is an open course and is conducted all over the world. The distance learning courses are usually conducted via the e learning mode, with the help of emails, teleconference, video and audio conferencing etc. The in the distance learning mode is great for people who can combine their job and family commitments along with studies. The study hour for such distance learning courses are rather very flexible and you can study at your own pace and convenience. Distance is not an obstacle when it comes to the distance learning mode and hence, you can easily get hold of a foreign degree while sitting at the comforts of your home in your country of residence.

Source: John Scott of Stonebridge Associated Colleges

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Different Types of Handshakes #FreeStudentArticles

Different Types of Handshakes

Every gesture we make, it tells something or the other about our personality. A handshake is also one of these gestures that depict your personality and attitude. Thus, it is important for our personality development that we should choose the right kind of hand shake. There are many opinions on what a hand shake can tell you about someone.

Some people are of the opinion that handshakes are done only the way we learn it and thus they do not give the true picture of the personality of a person. But then, if this is so, then why do we learn about the body language?

The point here is that handshakes do help in knowing the characteristics of a person.

Handshake forms the most important part of greeting a new person. People can judge a lot from handshakes. A handshake conveys power, confidence and professionalism. This little gesture provides major clues that can help you to identify the person whom you are communicating with. If you are unable to perform a perfect handshake, it may create undesirable impressions on the other person. Thus, it is very necessary to put the best hand forward and follow the etiquette of handshaking to be in the good books of the other person.

Here are some basic types of handshakes understanding which will help you to depict a good personality to others:

The Standard Hand Shake

In this, hands are engaged and people maintain eye contact, exchange smiles and shake hands two to four times.

Palm Up

This type of hand shake means I am here to serve you.

Palm Down

This type of hand shake is an authoritative one. It shows an authoritative, superior or controlling personality of the person. It says that you are there to take the lead, to take care of things, to get the job done.

Arrogant Shake

It is made intentionally to demoralize your sense of security. In this the person offers a flat hand with the palm facing down to indicate that he is the boss. The best way to answer such a hand shake is by giving a hand with palm facing upwards.

Hand in Hand

The greeter will offer a hand with the palm facing up and before you both start shaking your hands, he would sandwich your hand with his other hand.

This is sometimes done to show care or concern or familiarity or to empathize for the loss of a closed one. If this type of hand shake is done even when the two of you are not good friends, then this is a form of false sincerity.

Palm Vertical

The person extends his hand forward with his palm exactly vertical to the ground. It sends a message of equality and greetings.

Finger Vice

When somebody grabs just your fingers and not the entire hand it means he wants to maintain a distance. These people are often insecure.

Bone-Crushing Shake

A person making a hard, stiff handshake pretends to break your fingers and tries to prove that he is stronger than you and wants to control you. The message of squeezing your hand clearly indicates that the person is trying to intimidate you. People who make such a handshake are confident, but they also have a tinge of aggressiveness in them. So just remember that while facing such people, smile broadly and offer a firm-handed shake.

Condolence Handshake

The person will pretend to be too familiar to you by clasping your right hand or arm with an attempt to hug you. This behavior may be accepted during a funeral, but it comes out as a inappropriate act otherwise.

Using Good Form

Raise your hand and extend until webs of both hands meet. Grasp across the palm wrapping fingers around the opposite side from the thumb.

Hold firmly.

Shake a few times or for about three or four seconds.

If your hands are full then give a polite nod rather than dropping everything. If the other persons hands are full, be understanding and don't offer a hand shake. Your gesture would be appreciated.

If wearing gloves, remove them.

Maintain eye contact while engaging in yourself in a handshake. This will surely communicate self confidence and sincerity.

The pressure applied in a handshake is relative to the culture you are in. For example, in North America, a firm hand shake is appropriate. Making it stronger or weaker than a basic firm grasp will only leave a negative impression.

Choose the most appropriate handshake and remember these tips to prove your good personality. Help yourself in personality development.

Source: Anurag Aggarwal

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Simple Steps In Creating An Effective Apology Letter #FreeStudentArticles

Apology Letters, letter writing, techniques, writer, writing, literature, sentences

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Resource: George Smith. Find out about what to expect and the common sales techniques used by sash window renovation salesmen. You can find dependable sash window restoration professionals when you are knowledgeable and prepared. Visit ARTICLE ONLINE DIRECTORY

Simple Steps In Creating An Effective Apology Letter

It always occurs in the lives of people where in they commit faults which affect other individuals. A person's mistake may be on purpose or unplanned. A person realizes that he/she needs to make an apology to the hurt individual. It takes too much guts and effort to admit one's mistake. Sometimes it is easier to write it in words rather than utter it directly to the person.

An apology letter is one of the sorts of letter in the Internet that shows tips on making an effective letter. Internet offers letter sample of business letter and cover letter that the people may access. Your apology letter needs to be short as possible and contains statements showing eagerness to fix the conflict. It will be useful for your letter when you think that it can rebuild the damaged relationship. You have to present your apology letter instantly as possible.

Being open on catching up in the affected individual must be your attitude when making the letter. Through this, your letter of apology turns out to be good. By means of apology letter, you will be able to prevent further damage or problems. This can avoid the occurrence of further problems. When writing a letter of apology, you need to use words showing your eagerness to fix the problem. This letter will help you in showing the affected individual that you want to ask for his/her forgiveness.

To give details to the situation, make an effort in remembering what had happened. It is important that the content of the letter does not have any words that intensify the damage. The content of your letter needs to focus on making the situation better. You have to be civil when you write your apology letter. The apology letter must not have overrated sentiments.

When creating a letter, it is useful if you give a promise to the individual that you will not do the mistake again. It is best that you show your eagerness to the person in saying your apology personally. Your apology will be more effective when you say it personally. Through this way, you can lessen the tension on the situation. Make sure that your letter is short and straight to the point.

Confessing your mistakes implies that you are willing to fix the problem. It is best that you save the relationship rather than making things worst. It will not make you a lesser person when you make the initiative to fix the conflict. The best thing that you have achieved is that you learn new lessons and rebuild the relationship.

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Graduation Is the Turning Point in Life; Several Quotes Can Inspire You #FreeStudentArticles

Graduation Is the Turning Point in Life; Several Quotes Can Inspire You

This is the first stepping stone that young adults have to make in their lives. It takes 10,000 hours of preparation to experience one moment of glory.

Graduation quotes can be very enriching and inspirational; there are so many that you can choose from that can add a nice touch to a card or a speech. This turning point in life will give you the gear that you need for a successful future.

In every young person's life there are stepping stones that lead them to triumph. Graduation is that first step and will provide you with a healthy start towards a happy life. Graduation is only a concept. In real life every day you graduate. Graduation is a process that goes on until the last day of your life. If you can grasp that, you'll make a difference. By Arie Pencovici. The lessons of the past provide the path to the future. Author unknown. Using one of the graduation quotes from a well known author or writer can have the most influence on us.

Graduation is the day that most students yearn for since freshman year. For those who have already accomplished this milestone there can be great role models for you to follow in their footsteps. Optimism and goal setting will help you to attain great success in life. "The greatest discovery of any generation is that any human being can alter his life by altering his attitude" By William James.

It will be worth it in the end; graduation will be a thing of the past. The tassel's worth the hassle!Author unknown. Reaching your goals will not be an easy thing to do; it takes focus and will power to make it happen. Graduation quotes can give you a little more encouragement and help keep you moving in the right direction.

Parents go through some of the same things that the students as far as stressing about after high school or college and what is headed their way. The only thing that we as parents can do for our kids is to instill the right values that will stay with them for life. Graduation day is tough for adults. They go to the ceremony as parents. They come home as contemporaries. After twenty-two years of child raising, they are unemployed.

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Why You Get More Done As Deadlines Approach #FreeStudentArticles

Deadline, examination, study, lectures

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Resource: TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina. To learn more about why pressure or deadlines can help you get more done and to also receive a free instructional manual that teaches valuable niche research techniques for your online marketing needs simply visit: Affiliate Quick Start. Visit at: Articles Factory

Why You Get More Done As Deadlines Approach

For anybody looking to get more done one surefire way, in most cases, is when you are confronted with a deadline to meet!

Although this is NOT a 'strategy' I would recommend it has proven to be effective at increasing work efficiency due to the sense of urgency such situations present!
Read further to discover 3 logical explanations as to why people can accomplish more when under pressure to do so!

For anybody looking to get more done one surefire way, in most cases, is when you are confronted with a deadline to meet! Although this is NOT a 'strategy' recommended by this writer it has proven to be highly effective at increasing work efficiency due to the sense of urgency such situations often present! Perhaps you've experienced the same result and if you have here are 3 logical explanations as to why!

Urgency Equals Energy

It's amazing how a sense of urgency can invigorate even the most lazy amongst us! This feeling or sense is much like a 'slap in the face' or a 'wake-up call' that always seems to get our attention! With a looming deadline to meet people tend to realize they need to take the appropriate actions needed and right NOW! The jolt of adrenalin or infusion of energy we feel is our own bodies responding to the need to do what it takes, as quickly as possible, to make the deadline on time!

Focus Increases

Much like being awaken to a late night family crisis, having a deadline to meet will certainly get your attention, it does mine! In these instances we become acutely aware that nothing else matters, short of a some type of catastrophe, and this really helps to channel your focus! When people are not being pushed or pressured to get something done they are quite often more 'casual' in their approach! However when time is running out, a sense of urgency sets in and their efforts become fully focused on what it is they need to do to complete the task at hand!

The 'Calculating' Mind

Each and every one of us has the ability to quickly determine the 'shortest' path to where we want to go! Without being pressured however most people will always take the leisurely scenic route to get to their final destination! Obviously this leads to and is the major 'culprit' of all our inefficiencies when it comes to accomplishing those objectives we view more as work and not as pleasure! On the other hand when pressure is applied for whatever reason it's amazing how this can boost our work efficiency! With no time left for 'dilly dallying' around most people are able to quickly identify the most efficient way to get the job done!

Everybody and anybody would be interested in how to get more done in their busy lives and many times having a deadline to meet is the answer! As we all know when this type of situation arises a sense of urgency tends to guide your every effort and results in improving your work efficiency! Although, as previously stated, this is NOT a recommended strategy to use, it does offer very desirable effects! The review above focuses on 3 logical explanations as to why a sense of urgency, or near panic, can make you more productive! Although it makes more sense to simply remain motivated and do what you must when you should, inevitably each and every one of us will find ourselves in this situation! Now if you enjoy the 'rush' of your heart pounding in your chest to simply improve your work efficiency , you understand why the 'panic' mode makes you more productive!

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How to Write a Thesis - Some Crucial Tips #FreeStudentArticles

Thesis complete!

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Sabrina Walter has been a part of the brilliant and expert writing team at since 15 years. She has great experience as an educationist and writer and has been providing help on how to write thesis to her student customers since a long time. Her thesis writing ability is specially applauded among her customers. She is famous for her brilliant writing style at THESIS ISLAND and ARTICLE CITY

The internet is packed with a huge amount of articles that explain the method how to write a thesis. The solid fact is that most of these articles are just vague. However, a qualified writer or someone who has years of expertise in this ground does not write this web content. Consequently, it becomes important for you to select the right thesis that will help in your career prospective. Writing thesis by your own needs lots of research and ideas to get started in the correct manner that will offer you huge benefits in the end; at the same time, you must focus on the right approach. Here are some of the crucial tips on how to write a thesis:

• Choose a good topic: In order to write a good thesis, you need to choose the right topic related to your work. Choosing a thesis topic needs good amount of consideration. Remember, before getting started; ask yourself a few questions – what type of topic interests you? Who can help you in this good segment? What is the best method to accomplish the topic in the right manner?

• Review the literature: You need to make sure that you review the literature and do research on the topic that you like. To drag visitors to your topic and to make everyone happy, write a nice thesis review. First, understand the topic and then dive into the world of writing. Certainly, this will assist you to identify the literature in the most effective manner.

• Narrow down the topic and do research: In this part, you need good amount of skill to label your research in the most effectual manner.

• Trail significant guidelines: There are different types of rules and regulations that you need to follow while doing your thesis writing job. Often these rules vary from school to school and from college to college. For this, it becomes crucial for you to get help from an expert who has years of experience in how to write a thesis.

• Focus on the structure of Thesis: The structure of thesis can differ and fully relies on your educational field and the subjects that you have obtained. A good thesis must have:

• Title Page

• Content

• Abstract

• Original Work Declaration

• Acknowledgment

• Tables and Figure List

• Introduction

• Literature Review

• Thesis Chapters

• Conclusion and Appendices

• Proofreading and Editing: This is the most imperative part of how to write a thesis. It is advised that you should recheck your thesis writing and find out grammatical errors. This can only work well, if you are good in English and if not, then you can take the help of the many editing software that will offer you huge benefits. There are many companies those offer thesis writing services and are well-known for their service. You can take help from such companies those offer guarantee thesis writing services.

A great academic writing company provides help on how to write a thesis to its customers. It makes sure that you get the quality you want and that too at affordable prices. The company has a wonderful team of talented writers and this ensures that the help on how to write a thesis that you get from this company is of great quality. This company provides you with the best thesis writing help!

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School Readiness for Boys: Is He Ready for School? #FreeStudentArticles

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Resource: Janet Allison is an author, educator, family coach and speaker who interprets gender intelligence and brain based differences for parents and teachers. Find more videos with parenting and communication skills insights and practical strategies at BOYSALIVE and visit ARTICLE CITY

School Readiness for Boys;Is He Ready for School?

Parents of 4, 5 and 6 year olds begin to wonder about first grade readiness: Is he ready for school? How is he ever going to be able to behave in school? He can’t sit still!

It is important to think about what schools are asking of children. The pace of education has increased. However, our brain structure and development has not changed since our brains evolved when we were hunters and gatherers.
What are we asking our children to do that they don’t actually have the brain structure and development yet to do?

When you observe kindergartners or first graders, the boys are typically 1 to 1.5 years behind the girls in their fine motor development, their ability to sit still, and their ability to follow directions.

Send him to school as late as possible! That way, he’ll be the oldest in his class. This will benefit him through all the years of school

An extra year of kindergarten is advisable. A rising trend in America, and more established in Europe, are outdoor kindergartens. This gives boys, especially, an opportunity to be outside, to be physical, learning in a way that suits him much more. It is better than teacher (93% chance she is female) saying, Here you are in the classroom, it’s time to sit still and learn.”

Another part of development is the language areas of his brain. They are slower to develop than girls. So, while there are girls in first grade who can write complete stories, follow sequences, and read, your boy may not be ready to read until second or third grade.

Of course, there are boys that read when they are 3 or 4, each child is different. But overall, trying to teach a 5 year-old boy to read is like teaching a 3.5 year-old to read! Can you image?! Developmentally his brain is not yet ready to process language, track words across a page, and be able to match sounds and symbols.
In school, we’re asking too much, too early, of many of our boys.

Having boys enter school before they are developmentally ready and attempting to teach them to read before they are ready, sets them up for failure from the beginning. In first grade, they feel school isn’t for them, they see the girls succeeding where they can’t - yet.

What are their alternatives to this stress? They become withdrawn. Or they get even more rambunctious, perhaps becoming the class clown because somehow they have to act out, to process what they’re feeling.

We see this pattern of failure manifest at the other end of school, too. Fewer males are graduating from high school than ever before. And even in college, here in America, only about 44% of the college population is male. The males that do go to college are less likely than their female counterparts to finish their degree program.

We’re setting them up for failure by putting them in school too soon.

10 Ways to Bring out his Best at School:

- Boys need to move. If he travels in a car or rides the bus to school, he needs to move before he enters the classroom.

- Arrive early and jump rope, play basketball, run around the block.

- Recess. While schools are shortening recess, it’s being shown that academic performance actually increases with more movement.

- Active learning. Lessons designed with an active learning component builds social relationships and increases memory retention.

- Water. Frequent sips of water reduce stress and hydrate the body and brain.

- Relevance. Boys want their learning to matter and they want to know how to apply it and how it will impact the world.

- Allow gross. Boys express themselves with different subject matter. We need to make blood and guts as acceptable as unicorns and flowers.

- Free time. The kind of free time you remember when summer days seemed to stretch endlessly because there was nothing on the schedule. Be sure to schedule in some quiet, free play time every day. He needs time to process his day.

- Nature. Nature is the antidote to all the stress of school, media, family dynamics, and just simply growing up. Time in nature is essential to healthy bodies and minds.

- Teachers. Gently bring them on board. Let them know about resources such as Boys Alive Bring Out Their Best! by Janet Allison and Boys and Girls Learn Differently by Michael Gurian. Both available at Amazon.

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