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Building Relationships With A Tutor #FreeStudentArticles

Building Relationships With A Tutor


A tutor is the most important guide and mentor for any student. Besides the school teaching a person when gets a tutor for his or her studies, it becomes a support system for him or her.

It has been observed since last one decade that the education system has been taken as a business organization these days. Thus often parents complain the school is not taking care of the studies of the students. In this scenario the most important support that the parents are trusting for their children's studies is the tutor. Even the students feel comfortable and ease with the tutor.

Now a question may arise that how to get comfortable with the tutor so that the student can have a proper studies and score good in the exams.

Get To Know The Qualification And Credentials Of The Tutor

It is very important to know about the qualifications of the tutor before hiring him or her. If the tutor is not qualified enough then he will be neither able to teach the student properly nor be able to handle the student well. It is seen that with qualifications comes excellence and experience. So, a qualified person will be able to understand the mentality of the student and will be able to handle the student.

Also if the tutor is a qualified person in maths and the student is searching for a tutor in history the obviously this will be a mismatch and the student will be not able to benefit from the teacher.

Their Level Of Computer Literacy

Today the role of computer has been in excess in all fields including the field of education. Various schools are following an educomp system, that is, education via computer system to teach the students. In this case the tutor should also be well qualified in the computer technique so that he can help the student in the various needs when required.

Do They Have Any Constraints?

As mentioned before education has become a profession as well as a business proposition these days. So, even the tutors take the education system as a business itself. There are many tutors who have opened up their private coaching centers where many students study together. There are various others who provide personalized guidance to students on a one to one basis but charge more for the same. So, it is important for the student to understand which situation is best suited for him/her. If the student is able to adjust with many students together then he can be sent to a coaching center. But on the other hand if he is not able to match up with others and needs single attention, a personalized tutor can be arranged for.


Students do learn many things in school but it is often seen that they get diverted attention in school due to the large number of students. So, a tutor can help the student in studying properly, in gaining a better understanding of the chapters taught in the school.

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Franc said...

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Online tutoring must be really helpful to students who need one.

Aisha Kristine Chong said...

with online tutoring - computer literacy is so important too.

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