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Certified Nurse Midwife Training: Lessons for Advanced Nursing

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Certified nurse midwife training will involve twenty four months of education that will subject students to in depth education and practical clinical experience. This training takes nurses beyond a bachelor's degree and starts them towards a job which focuses primarily on natural and alternative childbirth.


This position is considered an advanced practice nurse, which means a master's degree is the required degree level to reach this title. Nurse midwives offer prenatal and postpartum care. Certified nurse midwives can be found in various settings, due in part to the increase in women choosing non-traditional child birth. That does include hospitals, but it also includes private practices, birthing centers and even homes.

Along with normal gynecological services like breast examsand pap smears, nurse midwives provide birth control counseling as well as family planning. Based on the state, they can also prescribe medications.

With this particular specialized focus, registered nurses need to expand their education to satisfy certification requirements. Until quite recently, certain states did not require a master's degree for midwives to practice. However, the American College of Nurse Midwives announced in 2010 that nurses seeking the certified nurse midwife status will need to obtain a graduate degree.

To get a good education and obtain your training from a reputable school, you need to do some research and compare many different schools. Some of the things you will most likely want to look at are financial aid, course requirements, tuition costs. You are going to probably want to make sure that the school gives some kind of job placement to graduating students.

If you're a person with a busy life and possibly you currently have a full time job, you might want to look into enrolling in an online training program. But whether the school is online or in a building, it is very important that the school is accredited. Without accreditation, there isn't really a guarantee the training program is going to prepare RNs for national certification.

Midwifery classes are often similar among certified nurse midwife training programs, though exact courses vary from school to school. Here is a small example of some of the lessons you will likely be taking. intrapartum and postpartum management, health and social policy, gynecology, genetics, newborn assessment and care, management and advanced practice nursing, laboratory medicine, health research, primary care for women, pharmacology principles, breastfeeding, reproductive health management and antepartum.

As is normal with other nursing schools, clinical hours will be a part of the training. This allows individuals to acquire real world experience handling patients before, during and following a birth.

When a midwife nursing student has finished the core coursework and clinical training, they are ready to graduate with a master's degree. Even though they have received their degree, they will be unable to practice as a midwife until they have taken and passed the certification exam.

At first glance, certified nurse midwife training might sound somewhat overwhelming, yet it is quite important to be sure these experts possess a solid academic background and the experience needed to begin putting their skills to use. Once certified, nurse midwives will find themselves with lots of job opportunities.

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