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All About British Citizenship Test

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People allying for British Citizenship are required to attend and pass British Citizenship Test which conducted by British Border Agency for the purpose of making other nationals acquainted bout the work and living culture in UK and help them create a good life for themselves and others around.

British Citizenship Test is also known as ‘Life in the UK Test' or ‘Permanent Residence Test' or ‘Indefinite Leave to Remain in UK', the test is imperative for anyone who wants to apply for naturalization as British national. Another important aspect of this test is to make sure that the applicant gets sufficient knowledge about UK laws, while it is also checked that he / she has sufficient knowledge of English language. Thus, the candidates are expected to be prepared for the test in all manners, like have got knowledge about UK laws, and have attained ESOL certification, which stands for English for Speakers for Other Languages.

British Citizenship Test is conducted online by Ufi Ltd at more than 90 centers all over UK which is a non profit organization. Ufi Ltd is a non profit organization while its exam centers also provide training and learning facilities to candidates on their own. Ufi charges £34 in fees from candidates for taking up the test. Candidates are offered 24 pick-any types of questions to be answered within 45 minutes. The questions are offered by computer system and monitored by administers. The candidates need to attend at least 18 correct answers in the test. Test duration can be extended for the person with physical disabilities.

Questions are often related to Britain public administration and current affairs only. It may also include questions about the governing policies, formal institutions in UK, employment issues and some might even be targeted on science and technology issues. All these topics are well described in the handbook ‘Life in the United Kingdom: A Journey to Citizenship' published by Home Office. This book can be easily purchased from any stationary store or book shop anywhere in UK. The book can also be ordered online.

Knowledge of English is also an essential requirement for the British Citizenship Test. Candidates who have doubt about their English skills are advised to take up ESOL classes to improve your English skills for the test. You need to have Entry 3 level ESOL certification to pass the test.

The other documents that you need to take along which appearing for British Citizenship Test, to show to your supervisor are, Passport, UK Photo-card Driving License, Immigration status document. You may also need to carry some Home Office documents such as Certificate of Identity document, Stateless Person Document, Convention Travel Document, etc. You should also take your passport size photograph along. It might be required at the examination centre.

After successful completion of the test you will be notified by a ass Notification Letter, which you will need to submit at the Home Office along with your application form for British Citizenship. You can submit application form either through the post or via Nationality Checking Service (NCS) centers. Make sure that you have correctly filled everything in the form or you will lose your deposits. There is no refund provision for incorrect submissions.

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