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Language Learning Strategies: Better Strategies For More Effective Learning

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Language learning strategies do not imply overall plans, but rather methods using which you can comprehend and remember the language while you are learning it. Language learning strategies would include such things as bringing flash cards into play, watching movies in that language, and making use of example phrases for relating to the grammar rules. In order to the most compatible collection of such strategies for yourself, you would need to look at the entire process of leaning a language from different angles.

1. First, start with evaluating the strategies that you have been currently using. Look back to analyze things that have worked and haven’t worked for you using these strategies. For instance, check whether flash cards actually helped you grasp new words more effectively than writing those words.

2. Identify other potential strategies. Go online or get hold of some nice language learning books that will help you to note down many tricks, tips, techniques, and strategies for learning that language. Minus those that you are already sure won’t work well for you. No strategy along can help you best in learning the language, so jot down whatever you feel might do good to you.

3. Find out if you are more of an auditory (speaking and hearing), kinesthetic (physical movement), or visual (writing and seeing) learner. In case you are not sure, select some words and apply certain learning strategies on them related to hearing, moving, and seeing, till you become aware of what works best for you.

4. It is also advisable to pick strategies to enhance memorization. Select strategies that will best suit your learning capabilities and preferences and that will help you memorize grammar and vocabulary rules. For instance, in order to memorize new words, you can repeat those words aloud, act them aloud, or create their mental images.

5. Choose some fluency language learning strategies that will help you learn express yourself fluently and accurately. Such strategies would include conversation practice, processing thoughts in that language, and doing some free writing.

6. Analyze your belief system. In case you have certain feelings that continue to hold you back while you learn the language, then it is important to look for strategies that will address them. For instance, if you are not speaking because you are afraid of making mistakes, then try practicing in that language with foreign speakers in the beginning to boost your confidence.

7. Identify some fine social strategies. Making use of that language in your real life is an effective strategy for increasing your knowledge, but there might arise the need to make efforts to find different ways for using it. You could get in touch and communicate with native speakers, travel to some other country, or volunteer to do work that would require using that language.

Remember, if a popular language learning strategy hasn’t worked well for you, then this does not mean that you do not have any aptitude for that language. If you have given a particular strategy your utmost attention and honest try but it still does not seem to be working in your case, then just scrap it and go ahead to try another.

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