Monday, April 18, 2011

What Makes an Excellent Tutor?

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Due to the increasing significance of education, many parents and schools choose to employ tutors. Parents appoint freelancer tutors and work with private tutoring services. Parents hire instructors for jobs such as math tutoring, and SAT prep. Unfortunately, many parents do not exactly comprehend what makes a good tutor.

Tutors often times believe that they are well capable because they possess satisfactory understanding of the course matter. Various people think that one possesses enough knowledge of a subject when he can lecture in the subject. However, there are many other aspects to being an efficient tutor and having adequate knowledge in the subject will not necessarily make the tutor a capable tutor.

Of course, knowledge about the subject matter is important to being an efficient tutor. No tutor is able to adequately explain material to a struggling student if he does not grasp it well enough himself. That does not imply that the tutor has to have every single minor aspect of the subject memorize. However the tutor should be able to comprehend the subject problem after a brief review before the session.

Basic knowledge of a subject is generally insufficient to be a capable tutor. A tutor has to have true knowledge of a subject. For example, an inexperienced math tutor may know the Quadratic formula but a great tutor can also derive it. A decent Literature tutor knows the plot and themes of To Kill a Mockingbird. But a great tutor also comprehends the history behind the novel.

A capable tutor should be an experienced tutor. The more experienced the tutor is, the more likely he will analyze the student's issues. Inexperienced tutors should first try out volunteering and tutoring family and friends before charging for their services.

Another important factor of tutoring is having good communication skills. A tutor has to not only know the subject matter but also be able to satisfactorily explain it. Someone may be able to answer any math problem but he will not necessarily make his solution comprehensible to the student.

A good tutor is a good analytic of the student's capability. Usually, students do not grasp exactly what their problems in a course are. They often just know that they are struggling or that they are getting failing grades. A good tutor knows what gaps and misunderstandings the student has and can give a review of these particular subject areas.

Another feature of a good tutor is the ability to understand the student's situation. Students who work with tutors often times are frustrated and a tutor must never make the situation worse. Also, students can often have learning disabilities so a tutor may need to explain certain aspects differently or use an easier tutoring pace. They should also be understanding of minor misbehavior by a student as the misbehavior may be caused by frustration.
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