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10 Speed Reading Tips For Students

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Reading is an essential skill for everyone, and the faster you can read, the better. With speed reading skills, you'll be able to cover more material in less time, and be able to remember more of the most important content. Here are 10 tips for speed reading:

1) Remember WHY you're reading: Keep in mind why it's important for you to read what you're reading right this minute. It helps focus your Reticular Activating System, which influences mental alertness. Ask questions about the subject matter while you're reading it.

2) Pick the ideal time to read: Many students can improve their reading speed and concentration by reading important material early in the day, while others can read better at night, usually in the early evening. Test yourself to find out what time of day works best for you.

3) Read with a pointer: Use a pointer to get your eyes to follow along quickly. The best pointer is your index finger! You could also use a pen or a pencil.

4) Don't re-read: Don't go back and read the same sections again - you'll only disturb the flow of reading. Just slow down a little and pick up the pace once you're in the zone. Know that some of the words are inconsequential and that you only need to get the gist of it.

5) Select and choose what you read: If you think you're reading something that's not really important, quickly move on to material that's more essential. This alone can save you up to 50% of your reading time.

6) Read like it matters: Be an active reader. Pay attention and avoid reading in a passive way. It's better to be focused for 10 to 20 minutes than to waste an hour going through the motions.

7) Set your reading pace using your hand and finger: With your right hand, use your finger as your pointer to train your eyes to read the letters and words faster.

8) Regulate your reading speed: Adjust the speed of your reading up or down depending on your needs and the context you're in (a quiet environment may allow a different speed than a noisy one).

9) Read in small chunks: You don't have to commit hours at a time to reading. When you fit it into your day in small chunks, you'll get a lot more done - remember to take your books with you!

10) Minimize distractions: Reduce distractions to a bare minimum to improve your reading speed. Sometimes instrumental music helps block out environmental noise and other distractions.

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Kaye Kibler said...

Summer—for most students, ‘tis the season to be jolly! But who said that you can't learn while having fun? With this Speedreading Summer Program by PROSEC Inc., students from Grades 4 to 7 will learn how to read faster, comprehend more and study better in a challenging, fun atmosphere.


Daniel Sitoabasi said...

This era the habits of reading died a year ago, students no longer read.

Kumiko Mae - beauty blog Philippines said...

Speed reading is a skill I learned in college while taking up law classes. haha To date, I'm using it when reading books! I know not a lot of people approve, but I do feel like I still get the same experience in reading even if i speed read sometimes

Leira Pagaspas said...

I learned to speed read as a child but now I didn't teach my daughter how to do it. I want her to read through the words slowly.

Patty | MrsC said...

I love reading, and I'm also making it a point to raise a reader. I encourage my child to borrow library books from school on Fridays, anything he wants, so that he has stuff to read over the weekend. HE reads pretty fast. He can finish a short novel in a day, and he's only 8.

NotYourOrdinary mum said...

Tip # 9 is for me.. With the many hats I wear, I really have to make time to read my books...

Franc said...

I took up speed reading in grade school and it really helps you in determining which areas are important.

Janice Lim said...

I love reading and I'm a pretty fast reader myself. I learned how to read fast on my own when I was in high school. I was so into these series of novels that I wanted to read as many as I can, as fast as I can. There was one time, I read ten novels in one day. :)

Graceful Mist said...

As a student, I prefer to read the whole selection first, then if I need to remember important things, I`ll reread just the important ones. Good post.

Aisha Kristine Chong said...

Very helpful, thank you for these tips and advices.

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

These are great tips on speed reading!

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