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The Skill Set You Will Need to Become the Best Possible RN Manager

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RN managers hold the job of supervising a number of Registered Nurses. Within a busy and sometimes chaotic location of the hospital, this can often be an overwhelming challenge. Their job is to guarantee that the hospital functions like a well-oiled machine, so in addition to being registered nurses, registered nurse managers need to be qualified in other areas for example finance as well as management.

RN managers quite often start their schooling by earning Bachelor degrees in nursing. Like all RN's, they need to pass a nursing exam that's required by every states before they'll be able to start practicing. After passing the test, the student nurses will officially become RNs and will be able to begin working in virtually any number of health care settings. Most Registered Nurses that want to work towards manager positions decide to work in hospitals to begin with, because that is where the RN manager jobs are.

From that point, RNs may be promoted to registered nurse supervisor positions without taking any more courses in non-medical subjects. However, because registered nurse supervisors perform a vital role in hospital functions, the most devoted registered nurses who wish to become managers will continue their learning by enrolling in courses in subjects such as management, business, communication and finances. Those who are working towards a manager job will likely have a great understanding of the nursing part of the job, however they will also need to put some energy into learning the other aspects they're not too familiar with. No longer directly attending to patients, registered nurse managers are instead on top of the nursing totem pole and so must have different skill sets.

Amongst the duties of RN managers is to train new nurses. In the event the manager is working in a bigger hospital, they may be able to assign that activity to a team of nurses, but if they're employed at a smaller hospital, they will most likely be in charge of this task.

Yet another of their responsibilities will be making certain all of the nurses they manage have everything they really need in order to perform their jobs properly. They also are given the task of ensuring the other nurses are happy and will give feedback regarding their performance. Steps like this will help to keep the nurse retention rates high, which also helps the hospital perform at a higher efficiency, because there won't be an endless need to employ and train new nurses. Nursing can sometimes be a highly demanding job, which is where that extra training comes in handy for RN managers. Knowing how to communicate well might help them mediate arguments among the staff, handle individuals that are unsatisfied with their care, as well as lessen staff concerns regarding schedules and the volume of patients they have to see and management tasks they need to perform.

Lots of the administrative duties can be taken care of by other members of the nursing staff, but it will be the managers that oversee their work. Particularly in bigger hospitals, nurses have so many patients that the administrative work may not be performed as needed by the hospital, so the manager must check it and correct any issues.

RN managers should be able to work long hours in a high pressure atmosphere. But the further responsibilities and long hours means better pay.

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