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Internet Job Ideas for College Students

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We know that college is expensive and even more so with today's economy. If you are looking for ways to make some money while attending classes here is some information for you we hope you find useful.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is a business students can start with very little money. It can range from selling things you have produced yourself as a hobby or by promoting items or services for businesses already established. With internet access you can market just about anything from your dorm room.

Other things you can do are market your own computer-related abilities. You could offer web design or graphic design as a service that could bring in more of a cash flow. You may want to facilitate payment for your services by creating an account with PayPal in order to be able to accept credit card payments.

Paid Online Surveys

You have surely seen advertisements on the internet for businesses who offer paid online surveys. By doing a simple online search you are sure to find very good survey sites. Just take a few minutes to sign up for a few of these sites and you will be well on your way to making some money without having to leave your dorm room.

Some survey companies have in excess of 300 different clients for whom they provide surveys and you are bound to find several that can peak your interest.

Affiliate Marketing

Many companies offer an affiliate program from which you can add to your cash flow. Simply by signing up online, you can make a percentage of sales every time you refer your family and friends to purchase the product, or by promoting it on your personal or business webpage.

There are possibilities out there that could potentially earn an affiliate commission between 10-50%. Often these top companies will provide you with ready-to-use marketing material or free products in order for your marketing to be accurate and effective.

Work At Home Data Entry

With very little computer knowledge, data entry work at home is still a simple way to earn that extra money you need to cover your expenses while in college. Most companies will let you know what you will need to do to complete these jobs.

Most often companies are searching for people to advertise for them by filling out online forms. There are excellent training programs out there for a minimal fee that will show you exactly how to do this as well as tell you which companies to work for that do legitimately pay.

Computer Tutoring and Support

Advertising on school bulletin boards is another good way to add to your pocketbook while helping out a fellow student who is not as knowledgeable about computers as yourself. A listing of areas you are comfortable with and able to explain to someone else, along with your phone or dorm room number may have people lining up for your help.

By charging a reasonable fee you could be one of those students others will turn to when they are in doubt about their computer knowledge.

You might even consider creating a small 'how to' booklet that you can charge a small fee for that will get the attention of more that just a few people on campus. Just be sure to strategically place them in common areas and not simply on your floor of the dorm.

In no time you can add more spending money to your pockets, just by using your computer skills and creativity.

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